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It all starts with an Inspiration
Discover exclusive Yoga class with 
Poetik Yoga
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3 traditional Yoga formats

Hatha Yoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille

Integral Yoga

Surya Yoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille
Prana Yoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille

Traditional Hatha Yoga (Sivananda lineage) including breathing exercices ,
postures, and relaxation .
Courses for all  levels, from beginners to advanced!
This is the traditional backdrop for all practices at Poetik Yoga.

Ayurvedic Yoga classes 

Kapha Yoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille
PittaYoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille
Vata Yoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille

Specific Yoga classes 

Shakti Yoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille
Hamsa Yoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille
Yin Yoga _ Poetik Yoga Lille


Awesome prof and great course. Michèle offers us fluid and well-constructed lessons that allow us to relax completely.


Great course, well constructed and flowing.
The accuracy of Michèle's words during the exercises facilitates the movements. Posture control is not neglected either.
This in a cozy atmosphere that invites serenity.


The gentle yoga class is really very pleasant! Especially in this period of confinement, I see it as a support!  The postures are clearly explained, I recommend!


Excellent teacher, very patient, gentle and pedagogue!

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