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Prana Yoga _ Yoga à Lille

Energize your lunch break!


  Allow yourself a break of well-being during midday  with this 50 minutes yoga class specifically designed for the lunch break.

  This practice combines dynamism and sweetness to let you to regain energy. Refocus and rekindle your inner flame and fill up with energy to radiate throughout your day. 

In Sanskrit "Prana"  means vital energy or breath of life. The practice of yoga allows you to better absorb this invisible and creative energy that surrounds us, particularly through postures that promote circulation (physical and energetic), and breathing techniques that will detoxify the mind and body. 

Here is the typical course of a Prana Yoga session:

  • Relaxation :  Lengthened relaxation to refocus

  • Asanas: Sequence of more or less dynamic postures  

Note: The order of the practices differs according to the energy of the group

Prerequisite: Come on an empty stomach
Duration 50 minutes 
Registration required

Om Namah Shivaya!
  Michele-Shanti MILBIN

Prana Yoga_ Yoga à Lille
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