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Have you ever wondered if the productivity and the wellness of your employees could go together? 

Remote Mindfulness 
The art of working remotely 

Remote Mindfulness

2 professionals in their fields help you to cultivate a better Quality of Working with an exclusive concept.

Michèle MILBIN - Remote Mindfulness

Michele MILBIN

Certified yoga teacher
Founder of Poetik Yoga
Corporate stress management

Hugo Ikta - Remote Mindfulness


Productivity coach.
Remote work expert
TEDx speaker

Remote Mindfulness - Atelier bien-être en ligne

How to combine productivity and well-being?
  Today, with the spreading of remote work and 28% of employees inclined to burnout, work habits and well-being, whether in a team or personal level, have been challenged.

With Hugo Ikta, Productivity coach, we created Remote Mindfulness© to respond to this constant search for balance between productivity and well-being inside the company.

The concept is simple: a weekly meeting online. During a 
half-day online session, we  combine workshops, active breaks and deep work.
These workshops are available in English and/or French.
At each session, we help you experiment practical concept by challenging your teams on indicators of well-being, productivity and creativity over a given period of time.

Each Remote Mindfulness is adjusted to your business needs
(Preliminary interview and personalization questionnaire included)


What do you gain from it? 

- A day of productivity in just 3 hours
- Increased team cohesion 
- Better remote work management
- Daily tips
for more efficiency and well-being

Remote Mindfulness - Atelier bien-être et productivité en ligne
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