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You are concerned about the well-being of
your collaborators?
Discover Yoga at work

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  Offer your employees a bubble of serenity  revitalizing  in their daily life
Grace  yoga practice.

The Yoga classes offered by Poetik Yoga have been specially designed for a personalized practice according to the needs of your employees.
A preliminary free interview allows the implementation of a roadmap to allow the  prevention and relief of work-related physical and/or psychological health problems.

All Sessions  are plannable  face-to-face or online
Some examples of practice focus:

  • well-being  muscular  :

Gentle exercises accessible to all on all the muscles of the body
(relief of muscle tension and back problems...)

  • well-being  back  :

Postures that prevent and correct postural problems
(back pain, neck and shoulder tension, etc.)

  • Well-being of  mental

Guided breathing and visualization to calm the mind
(prevention of intellectual fatigue and burn-out)

Formats available (in video or face-to-face, in French and/or English) 
- Yoga class of 30 to 45 minutes
- Teambuildings 
- Yoga break (meetings, launch reviews...)
- Company well-being day 


The benefits for the company:

  • appeasement  stress-related tension

  • Improved focus

  • Increase in well-being at work

  • Prevention and relief of posture defects and MSDs

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Quotation on request at 
06 72 29 34 66 or

Also discover Remote Mindfulness©
  the alliance of Yoga and Power Sessions to boost the productivity and well-being of your employees

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