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Private lessons

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Find the key to your inner well-being ​
Opt for a private lesson!

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or have special needs in your Yoga practice, discover the advantages of a private Yoga class at Poetik yoga Lille.

Why opt for a particular Yoga class?
What are the benefits and advantages compared to a group lesson?

Based on its exclusive and personalized course concepts, I offer you private yoga lessons of a different kind. Of course, we start from what you want, but I also offer you a practice adapted to what you need, according to your dominant energy of the moment, thanks to the approach of Ayurvedic courses!

Advance to your  rhythm  in practice with professional support.

With a private lesson, you have the opportunity to progress at your own pace. The intensity and duration of each of the postures will be adapted according to you and you alone, and not according to the group.

Result: You progress more quickly in your practice thanks to a constant adjustment according to your possibilities and your desires.

A course focused on your personal goals

Before your private lesson, a face-to-face or telephone interview allows the complete personalization of your private lesson.

What do you want/need to work on, strengthen, soften, a particular part of your body?
Is it more the relaxation and the meditative side that speaks to you?

Do you have a targeted pathology and the practice of Yoga has been recommended to you?

You are a sportsman, top athlete, athlete and you need to improve  your flexibility and muscle recovery?

I will adapt to bring you  hatha practice  that suits you while also offering you many variations of postures!

Modalities and locations of private lessons:

Location : at the studio, at your home (Lillo metropolitan area), live video or outdoors

Number of participants:
from 1 to 3 people
Possibilities  private lesson  parent child, prenatal yoga, Yin Yoga

I look forward to meeting you to accompany you in your personal well-being project!

It all starts with an inspiration...

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Om Namah Shivaya!

  Michele-Shanti MILBIN

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