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La méditation de la mer



Awesome prof and great course. Michèle offers us fluid and well-constructed lessons that allow us to relax completely.


Great course, well constructed and flowing. The accuracy of Michèle's words during the exercises facilitates the movements. Posture control is not neglected either. This in a cozy atmosphere that invites serenity.


The gentle yoga class is really very pleasant! Especially in this period of confinement, I see it as a support!  The postures are clearly explained, I recommend!


very varied course offer, very friendly and competent yoga teacher!


Excellent teacher, very patient, gentle and pedagogue!


Practice of yoga in the open air facing the Deûle and with the singing of birds, a real moment of connection with nature and with oneself. Michèle is a benevolent guide. I recommend.


I discovered the practice of Yoga thanks to Michèle (Shanti). She is very educational and shares her knowledge with passion. She pays attention to each of her "students" during the course which allows you to feel confident and to have personalized advice to improve.


An inspired, authentic teacher, a marvel.


Excellent experience with Michelle! A real moment for yourself of which I immediately felt the benefits, I recommend.


Excellent yoga experiences with Michèle Shanti.
I loved his classes!
Michèle is very sweet, smiling and attentive to her students. Professional, she does not hesitate to correct postures and advise her students to help them improve.
I highly recommend!


Great lesson with Michele. Benevolence and mastery are at the rendezvous. A quiet and calm voice. I recommend.


The lessons I took with Michèle Shanti did me a lot of good! A real support in this period of confinement and I thank her for having had this idea of taking distance courses.
I'm thrilled to see that the studio is finally open to the public!

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