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My Yoga and Ayurveda wellness routine 


Next sessions

Dates coming soon
5 online workshops to awaken your potential 
To inspire, to balance, to reveal
Join us for 5 weeks of practice 
and learn how to integrate the benefits of yoga and Ayurveda into your daily life.
With Anne Vanackère (Ayurveda consultant)
  and Michèle MILBIN (Yoga teacher and founder of  Poetik Yoga 
and a surprise guest live from India
Program : 
4 practical workshops of 1 hour 15 minutes each 
+ 1 final workshop of 1.5 hours  
  * MOST *
* Easy to set up tips
  * Experimentation between workshops
* Accessible to everyone
** YOUR personalized advice booklet at the end of the session

Limited seats
Meet online

Price: Early bird 115€ or 135€
Workshop alone: 25€
Limited seats

Additional information: 06 72 29 34 66

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