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Vata Yoga_ Yoga à Lille

Vata-Yoga:  Sweeten your daily life!

Are you an electric battery particularly attracted to intense activities?

Vata Yoga is for you!
In the Ayurvedic yoga collection offered by Poetik Yoga Studio, Vata Yoga is the softest format.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India. The reality of each person is approached in a unique way according to three principles (or energies) present in all things: movement (Vata), transformation (Pitta), and preservation (Kapha). These principles are called the three doshas and their understanding is essential to the Ayurvedic understanding of well-being and health, since we all have a dominant energy.

Vata (related to the elements Air and Ether) is the energy of movement and dynamism.

People dominated by Vata energy can tend to scatter and multiply activities, which can have an impact on their stability and lead to hyperactivity, even physical and mental anxiety.
It is in this context that the offer of Studio Poetik Yoga with Vata Yoga fits. This gentle practice helps balance Vata and gain Zen Attitude!

Here is the typical flow of a Vata Yoga session:

  • Sun Salutations: Focus on Gentle Variations

  • Asanas : Sequence of postures selected for their commitment in terms of stabilization and gentleness

  • Savasana  :  Relaxation  

Prerequisite: Come on an empty stomach
Whatever your dominant energy, the course remains open to all
Duration 1 hour: every Wednesday morning and Friday evening
  Registration required

Are you Vata?
To find out, answer  without delay to the questionnaire available at the Studio!

Om Namah Shivaya!
  Michele-Shanti MILBIN

Exclusive concept of  Ayurvedic yoga 

Vata Yoga_ Yoga doux à Lille

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