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Shakti Yoga_ Yoga à Lille

Pregnancy is a special time. Life in full creation is a process that is both physical through the transformation of the body, and mental through the integration of a new reality.  That of becoming or becoming parents again.

Prenatal yoga makes it possible to welcome change gently by paying particular attention to the body and these sensations.
In Sanskrit, "Shakti" symbolizes the magic and strength of feminine creative energy.

The prenatal yoga of the Poetik Yoga studio has the particularity of offering a format adapted and personalized to your needs (gentleness and/or dynamism). 

Here is the typical course of a Shakti Yoga session:

  • Pranayama : Guided yogic breathing techniques, specially adapted for pregnant women  

  • Asanas: Series of more or less dynamic postures specifically adapted to pregnant women, depending on the month of pregnancy and possible pathologies. Focus on back and leg relief.

  • Relaxation : Guided relaxation, sitting or lying down, to better harmonize your body and mind

Note: The order of the unfolding differs according to the energy of the group

Prerequisites: Ability to take  fruit or a light snack before practice 

Classes open from 4 months of pregnancy (on presentation of a medical certificate of fitness for the practice of Hatha Yoga)
Duration 1 hour: every Thursday morning
Registration required

Om Namah Shivaya!
  Michele-Shanti MILBIN

Shakti Yoga _ Yoga à Lille pour femmes enceintes

Shakti Yoga:  Recharge while waiting for baby! 

Shakti Yoga _ Yoga à Lille pour femmes enceintes
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